2.  Email receipt number and full name to CoachDonny@elevateyourself.org. 

3.  Coach Donny will email you a questionnaire.

4.  Once you complete the questionnaire, Coach Donny will send you a 4 Week customized training program within 72 hours.

I receive daily requests over email and YouTube to train individuals who live outside of my state, or are from another country.  I am passionate about helping athletes improve their vertical jump, and fortunately with today's technology, I can even help athletes who live far away from me.  I offer an Online Training service that allows me to train you remotely!

I offer 4 week customized exercise and diet programs that are tailored to meet your athletic and fitness goals.  I've trained over 300 people, including collegiate, high school, 10 year olds, to the motivated 55 year old athlete who wishes to increase his vertical jump and maximize his strength, power, and health. I've helped them all achieve their goals.

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I agree to the following terms by signing up and providing payment for the Online Training service:

  1. I understand that Donny Hui's volleyball and athletic related instruction is safe and intended to improve athletic performance and reduce injury.
  2. I understand that I am applying Donny Hui's athletic training instruction at my own risk, and any injury incurred during the implementation of Donny Hui's feedback is not a direct result of his instruction. 
  3. I understand that any advice Donny Hui provides is not meant to substitute medical advice.
  4. I am in good health and am cleared by a licensed medical doctor to perform high intensity exercises, such as weighted squats, box jumps, sprinting, and other related forms of at jump training.

1.  Provide payment.​  You can pay with credit card or using PayPal.

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