Please review the following team policies so you know what is expected of our MSJ Girls Volleyball members.  Click on each policy to view them in detail:


TEAM  guidelines

attendance  policy

If you make the team, you are expected to attend every team function, which includes practices, games, jamborees, and tournaments.  You can miss no more than 5 units for the entire season: 

1 practice = 1 unit
1 game = 1.5 units
1 tournament = 2 units

If you miss 5 units, you will be suspended from playing in a match (but will still be required to attend).  If you miss 6 units, you will be considered for removal from the team.  If you cannot make this time commitment, then you should reconsider joining the team.  We must have committed athletes in order for us to do well and for you to have the best volleyball experience possible.