1.  Select the type of service, click the "Buy Now" button, and provide payment.​  You can pay with credit card or PayPal.

20 Minute - $55

40 Minute - $90

​2.  Compile video of your performance, upload it to YouTube (see video requirements section).

3.  Email the video link and payment receipt number to CoachDonny@elevateyourself.org.

4. Receive an email evaluation within 72 hours or schedule a video conference based on both of our availabilities.  

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1. Compile all skill related video clips into one video that cannot exceed 4 minutes (it can be shorter than 4 minutes).  I will not watch videos that are full games or unedited. 

2. Include multiple video angles of the same skill (preferably side, and 45 degree angles).

3. Include video clips of both successful execution and errors.​​

4. Title the video with your full name and skill(s) you would like to be evaluated (i.e., "John Smith - Passing).

5. Upload the video to YouTube.

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Video  requirements


I agree to the following terms by signing up and providing payment for the Email Evaluation or Video Consultation service:

  1. I understand that Donny Hui's volleyball and athletic related instruction is intended to be safe, improve volleyball skills and overall athleticism.
  2. I understand that I am applying Donny Hui's volleyball instruction at my own risk, and any injury incurred during the implementation of Donny Hui's feedback is not a direct result of his instruction. 
  3. I will provide Donny Hui at least 24 hour's notice if a Video Consultation needs to be rescheduled. I can only reschedule one time.  
  4. I will no receive no refund if a Video Consultation is canceled in less than 24 hours, or if an appointment is canceled for the 2nd time.
  5. I understand I medically able to play volleyball

online  coaching

Send a video of you performing the skill(s) in question (see video requirements below).  Then, Coach Donny will provide you feedback through email, which will include a detailed analysis on what to improve, and images to show what you are doing incorrectly and what you should work toward.

I receive daily requests over email and YouTube to coach individuals who live outside of my state, or are from another country.  I am passionate about helping others improve their volleyball skills, and fortunately with today's technology, I can even help athletes who live far away from me.  I offer an Online Coaching service where I can coach you remotely!  

I offer 2 services: 1) Email Evaluation, 2) Video Conference Consultation.  Your requests can range anywhere from "How can I improve float serve", "What's wrong with my spiking?  I hitting the ball out", to "How can improve my defense?"

1 Skill Evaluation - $40

2 Skill Evaluation - $60

3 Skill Evaluation - $80

You and Coach Donny will schedule a time for a video conference consultation through Skype software to discuss any volleyball and coaching topic you would like during the given time frame.  This may include reviewing video of you playing and identifying what areas to improve (see video requirements section), how to improve team defense, how to implement certain coaching principles, etc.

video  conference  consultation