Read below for local volleyball adult leagues= info in the Bay Area, California, USA.

The IVL offers Coed, Reverse Coed and Women's Leagues at gyms in the
south bay and peninsula area.  There are 4 seasons a year and levels ranging from Recreational to A.  There is also a Men's Open League during the Summer on Thursdays in Menlo Park.

Individuals can go to the website ( and check out the Free Agent
Registry to find a team (or vice-versa).  Captains can send an e-mail to to be placed on the Captains' Mailing List.  

At the IVL website's home page, under "Announcements" you can find out when
registration starts for the next season.  Each season generally runs 8-9 weeks.
For more information, contact League Director Kirk Anderson (

industrial  volleyball  league