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I agree to the following terms by paying for the Elevate Yourself Jump Training Program:

  1. I understand that Donny Hui's and athletic related instruction is safe and intended to improve athletic performance and reduce injury.
  2. I understand that I am applying Donny Hui's athletic training instruction at my own risk, and any injury incurred during the implementation of Donny Hui's feedback is not a direct result of his instruction. 
  3. I understand that any advice Donny Hui provides is not meant to substitute medical advice.
  4. I am in good health and am cleared by a licensed medical doctor to perform high intensity exercises, such as weighted squats, box jumps, sprinting, and other related forms of at jump training.


2.  You will receive an email with instructions on how to access the online instructional videos within 24 hours of completing payment.

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Jump 1 - 4 inches higher in just 4 weeks with the Elevate Yourself Jump Training Program!  This program provides 8 instructional videos that teach you proper jumping technique, all the necessary exercises and how to perform them safely, how much weight to use, and how to recover from training.  It also comes with a pdf packet you can print and bring with you to the gym, so you know which exercises to do on which days and take notes on your workouts.  Buy the Jump Training Program today and start adding inches to your vertical jump!

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