The men's league is full for the 2019 season.  If you're interested in joining next season, please complete the New Team Form below.


Edward Wang

Position : Outside/Opposite Hitter 

Email : 

Michael Meneses

Position : Outside Hitter

Email : 

​Daniel Hurley

Position : Middle Blocker

Email :

Anton Inglebert

Position : Opposite HItter

Kirt Peterson

Position : Middle/Opposite Hitter

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​Russ Corbelli

Position : Outside Hitter

​Email :


League rules are in place to create a professional, competitive, and positive experience for everyone, so please do your best to follow them.  Consistently violating league rules may result in being ejected from the league without refund.

1. Uniforms are required and must meet the USA Volleyball uniform requirements.  Click here for uniform specifications.  

2. 5 point penalty for teams who start late, so please be sure that all teams arrive early!  Teams must have at least 6 players present to start a game.  Additional players who arrive late must substitute into the game, and cannot start the set until the following set.

3. Clean up after yourself and do not leave trash behind.

4. Respect the rules of the facilities.

5. All players, including substitutes, must sign the liability waiver.

6. Demonstrate good sportsmanship.

7. Rosters must have a minimum of 6 players.  Once a player is on a roster and plays in at least 1 EVL tournament for that team, they are locked into that roster.  


confirmed  teamS

1. The Tall Ones (Donny)

2. Ball Please (Jacky)

​3. Stuff Curry (Adrian)

​4. Setsaholic (Aleksander)

5. Bae (Vince)

6. Slam Squad (Ryan)

​7. Inwards, Outwards, Edwards (Peter)

8. Mental Block (Gus)



The Elevate Volleyball League strives to build a competitive adult volleyball league in the Bay Area that provides a professional, positive, and rewarding experience.  Our long term goal is to develop this league into multiple divisions, where the post high school, post college, and working professional can play high level volleyball.

sub list

League spots are a first come first serve basis, so register your team soon to reserve your spot!  Please read league information below.   

Dates         1/19, 2/9, 3/2, 4/13

Level         BB or higher
Time          First serve at 8:00 am (d
oors open at 7:00 am)

                     Tournaments will go until 5 pm

Cost           Early Registration Discount $825 before 12/3/18

                      Regular rate $875 starting 12/3/18

Location     Mountain View Volleyball Club Facility

                     (477 N Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085)

Prize          League Champions will receive 7 new Molten Flistatec Volleyballs

Questions?  Email Donny at

elevate  volleyball  league

The goal of this format is to provide a high-level, consistent, and time efficient experience for everyone:

1. 5 matches guaranteed per tournament.  Whoever collects the most tournament ranking points at the end of the 4th tournament wins the league, similar to youth club format.

2. Warmup protocol: 5 min per team for the first game of the day, 3 min per team for every subsequent game after.

4. Pool Play : 2 - 4 team pools, each match is straight 2 sets to 25 points, cap at 27 (not best of 3), and pool rankings are determined by sets won and point differential.  

5. Playoffs : Best of 3, no cap, 3 rounds (semifinals, finals, consolation)

6. Game ball is provided (Molten V5M5000).

7. Tournament director will consult on rule disputes, seed teams, keep teams on time, and enforce league rules.

Signup  instructions