​Age           13 or Older

                 20 participants maximum per clinic

Date          Saturday's - 1/5, 2/23, 3/30

                  April - August TBD 

Time          Boys/Men from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

                  Girls/Women from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Location     UC Elite Facility

                  1680 W. Winton Ave, Unit 5

                  Hayward, CA 94545

Waiver       Complete online waiver prior to clinic

Cost           $40 early registration discount
                  $50 drop-in​

Questions?  Email CoachDonny@elevateyourself.org 

I have been working with Coach Donny for a long time. His spiking clinics have helped me to hit the ball harder and how I can hit the ball without hurting my arm. His settings clinics have helped me with setting higher, setting without hurting my fingers, wrist, hands, etc.  My favorite part of the clinics were the defensive drills. I’m a libero and one of the younger players, and it’s fun when he hits the volleyball to me just as hard as he would on the older players because he knows I can handle it.  I’m 13 years old and a tiny person for my age (4’ 9") and I can’t even reach above the volleyball net. After I went to Coach Donny’s Jump Camp, I can finally, FINALLY reach above the net. Coach Donny is a great teacher/coach for volleyball. He definitely helped me become a better volleyball player and show how more athletic I am than I thought. 


fran  - middle blocker/outside hitter

about  our  clinics

We teach volleyball clinics once a month for ages 13 and older, for both genders, from January through August.  Our clinics focus on developing fundamental and advanced techniques for all positions, and learning defensive and offensive strategies.  We provide drills for you to work on individual skills and apply them to game situations. We accept a maximum of 20 participants per clinic so make sure you sign up soon.  We look forward to working with you!

You can pay with credit card or PayPal.  Please register for clinics ahead of time so we know how many coaches to have.  Sign up before 10 pm on Saturday, one week before the clinic day, and you will receive the $40 early registration discount rate.  After 10 pm, the rate increases to $50.

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Coach Donny's clinics are structured and well-rounded. His teaching strategy consists of breaking down each skill into components, and then restitching it back together with immediate feedback from the coaches. Over the course of several clinics, we covered timing and approach for back-row attacks, right-side hitting, right-side defense, float-serves, jump-floats, blocking, among others. For each topic, Coach Donny described and demoed step-by-step, we replicated the isolated movements, and then we iterated. Each person got a lot of touches and repetitions, during which Donny and his assistant either set for us or took turns observing and correcting. Coach Donny is extremely observant and analytical and is able to pick out the small nuances that make a huge difference in effectiveness. All in, these clinics have been incredibly helpful and I plan on continuing to attend as many as I can!

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camilo - middle blocker

volleyball  clinics

I have been to many clinics and each one always teaches something new to improve on. The clinics provide a calmer environment than what school/club practices may have, and are a great place to develop volleyball skills.  The coaching staff is always very helpful and provide tips for you to improve on, no matter what your skill level is. I remember one clinic, when we were working on blocking, the coaches gave me info on what I should have my hands like during a block and it has helped me block a lot of big hitters

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Julie  anne - libero

william  - middle blocker/opposite hitter

registration  2019


It has been many years since I last played in school with a proper coach-student environment.  Having the opportunity with Coach Donny after all this time has been a great chance for me to clean up my skills and to learn new things.  Donny's approach of running drills for different positions every clinic has helped me not only to get better at my preferred position (which is middle), but also to work on my weaknesses by training on things like passing and setting. 

Additionally, one thing that has stood out to me about Donny's coaching style is that, over the course of multiple clinics, he remembers his students and pays attention to little details in each of their playing styles.  He has often noticed mistakes in my technique and given me exercises to correct them.  These corrections have included little details like the length of the steps on my approach or corrections to my arm swing to avoid unnecessary strain on my shoulder. Overall, I highly recommend his clinics. Every chance I have to attend a clinic, I'll be there because the feedback I get from Coach Donny is invaluable to me.

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