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I know this book isn't related to athletics, but I'm all for growing all aspects of your life.  Rich Dad Poor Dad, written by Robert Kiyosaki, completely changed my life because it helped me rethink the way I viewed my finances.  I wanted to live a life where I could be free to do the things I wanted to do, and not have to worry about if I'm going to make enough money to do those things.  I now own a home, my dream car (Subar WRX), travel twice a year, save monthly for my retirement, and can eat sushi whenever I want.  I highly recommend reading this book.  

John Wooden is one of the most influential people in my life, even though I've never met him.  He was the head coach of the UCLA Men's Basketball team and won 10 national championships in 12 years.  That's crazy!  But, even greater than the number of championships was the impact he had on his players' lives.  Those are his greatest achievements.  Coach Wooden writes about his philosophies on leadership, how to develop a strong program with a team culture, and most importantly, and to develop good people as well as good athletes.

Tim Grover has trained professional athletes all over the world and details his approach to increasing vertical jump.  His training also applies to other aspects of sports, such as speed and agility, because focuses on being explosive on all planes.  This book provides a 12 week training program that I definitely recommend trying, especially since the training principles are explained in the book.  Lots of information for a low cost!

Welcome to the Books section of the Elevate Yourself online store!  This is a great place to grow your mind, learn from successful people, and educate yourself.  All these books have significantly impacted my life as an athlete, personal trainer, coach, and as a person.  Reading is still one of the best ways to acquire your most important resource : knowledge.

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Bruce Lee is my role model is so many ways.  Many people know him as a martial arts badass, but he is much more than that.  He's a philosopher, proponent of social justice, artist, and teacher.  He wasn't afraid to go against the grain, both against the Chinese and American communities, to do what he thought was necessary and right.  This book is both an entertaining and inspiring read.  You'll so much just by how Bruce Lee lived his life.

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Kelly Baggett is one of the top sports performance enhancement trainers in the nation.  He personally has improve his vertical jump from 23 - 42 inches, and his 40 yard dash from 5.0 to 4.27 seconds.  This book is my favorite book about increasing vertical jump because he is able to condense very complex scientific principles into simple concepts to better understand how to approach vertical jump training.  He also provides jump training program templates you can follow to increase your jump.