This is the best portable camera phone tripod I've used so far.  It's durable, small, flexible, good grip with the legs, adjustable phone holder (holds multiple size phones from small to large).  This product is great for recording your volleyball games, workouts, and travel.

portable  phone  charger : anker

I use this exercise ball, also known as a yoga ball, to do my core and stability workouts at home.  Also, if I don't have time to go to the gym, I will use this as a bench to do dumbbell bench presses, seated shoulder presses, etc.  I use the 65 cm size.

tripod  60-inch : amazon basics

massage  therapy  balls : champion

This is a very affordable, durable and small portable charger, great for charging phones.  I use this when I'm recording my volleyball games, working out, and traveling.  

muscle  roller  stick : idson

These are lacrosse balls that are equivalent to massage therapy balls, except less expensive.  It comes in a pack of 6.  I've tried other brands and they are either too soft or just cheaply made.  I use this brand because it's a decent price for a perfect firmness to get those muscle knots.

foam  roller  : luxfit

exercise  bands : power guidance

This is one of the better brands for foam rollers.  It last a long time, maintains it shape and firmness, doesn't easily chip, and great for self massage.  It comes in 3 sizes : 36", 18", 12".  I use the 36" for home and 18" inch for travel. 

increase  your  performance

athletic  socks : nike

I use this roller stick as a more aggressive version of self massage when I feel tight or about to cramp, so I can apply more pressure than a foam roller.  It's also great for quick muscle activation when you don't have much time to warmup.  You can't be the portability, quality, and price of the Idson product.

These bands are great for mobility exercises, speed workouts, and warmup exercises.  I use the red one to warmup my rotator cuffs and mobilize my scapula for volleyball and Olympic lifting.  Each color represents varying levels of resistance. 

It's hard to find comfortable socks that keep your ankles warm, soft, doesn't make your feet feel slippery when they're sweaty, doesn't get holes easily or cause blisters, and inexpensive. As athletes, we can through many socks from playing and training hard, so these socks are the best bang for your buck!  

exercise  ball : luxfit

This is a durable, stable, and inexpensive tripod that stands 60 inches tall.  It also comes with a bag, which makes it easier to carry and keeps it protect during travel.  I attach my smaller camera phone tripod on top when I'm recording games and need something more stable than my smaller tripod.

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